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Constitution & Bylaws
Adopted April 11, 2008, Institute of Native American Studies, University of Georgia, Athens
Amended May 21, 2009, Department of American Indian Studies, University of Minnesota—Twin Cities, Minneapolis

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The NAISA Council includes the elected officers (President, President-elect, Secretary, & Treasurer) and six (6) elected Council Members. The Council is responsible for developing the Call for Papers (CFP) for each annual meeting; reading and evaluating all proposals for sessions, papers, and roundtables; developing and planning the program; and conducting discussions regarding future plans that might come from the meeting. Contact members of the NAISA Council if you have questions or concerns.


President: Robert Warrior (Osage), University of Illinois, U.S.  rwarrior@illinois.edu

President-elect:  Jean O'Brien (White Earth Ojibwe), University of Minnesota, U.S.  obrie002@umn.edu

Secretary:  Maggie Walter (trawlwoolway of pymmerrairrener nation, Tasmania)  University of Tasmania, Australia.  Term expires 2012  margaret.walter@utas.edu.au

Treasurer:  Brendan Hokowhitu (Maori of the Pukenga people)  University of Otago, New Zealand.  Term expires 2012  brendan.hokowhitu@stonebow.otago.ac.nz

Council Members
Terms expire in 2012:

  • J. Kehaulani Kauanui (Kanaka Maoli/Native Hawaiian) Wesleyan University, U.S.   jkauanui@wesleyan.edu
  • Noenoe K. Silva (Kanaka Hawai'i)  University of Hawai'i/Manoa, U.S.   noenoe@hawaii.edu

Terms expire in 2011:

Terms expire in 2010:

  • Lisa Brooks (Abenaki)  Harvard University, U.S.  Term 2009-2010  lbrooks@fas.harvard.edu
  • Robert Innes (Cowessess First Nation & Plains Cree)  University of Saskatchewan, Canada.  Term 2009-2010 rob.innes@usask.ca

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     Nominations Committee

    The Nominations Committee is responsible each year for nominating a slate of candidates for each open officer, Council, and Nominations Committee position.  Each member of the Nominations Committee is elected to a three-year term.  The terms are staggered so that two new members are elected each year.  For more information on the NAISA elections process, go to NAISA Nominations Committee.

    Terms expire in 2010:

    Terms expire in 2011:

    Terms expire in 2012: