Kyle Mays

Kyle T. Mays (Black/Saginaw Anishinaabe) is a transdisciplinary scholar of Afro-Indigenous studies, Indigenous studies, Indigenous popular culture and urban history. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of African American Studies and the American Indian Studies Center at UCLA. He earned his Ph.D. in history from the Department of History at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He has a forthcoming book titled, Hip Hop Beats, Indigenous Rhymes: Modernity and Hip Hop in Indigenous North America (SUNY Press, 2018) and is finishing another book titled, Indigenous Detroit: An Indigenous History of the Motor City.


Candidate Statement: I have been a member of NAISA since 2010, and was one of the founding managing editors of the NAIS Journal. In working at the intersection of Black and Indigenous studies, I continue to find ways to think critically about the links between antiblackness and settler colonialism, which are key cultural, economic, political, and social phenomenon that continue to shape Black and Indigenous relations in the United States. I would love to be a part of the Nominations Committee, which is tasked with nominating key candidates for leadership positions in NAISA and to make sure that each electable position represents the great diversity of the NAISA membership. This committee's role is important in shaping the direction of association. I want to be a part of this committee to assist making sure that diverse Indigenous voices continue to be heard and represented in NAISA, and to be of service to an association on the cutting edge of interdisciplinary research, teaching, and service.

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