Professor of Native American Studies and Indigenous Studies in Education

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The Department of Curriculum & Instruction at UW-Madison seeks a scholar who studies and has lived experience with Native American and/or Indigenous learners, educators, communities, histories and/or knowledge systems related to teaching and learning in formal or informal settings for learners of any age. The ideal candidate has expertise in areas such as but not limited to historical and cultural contexts of Native American and Indigenous education, theoretical and methodological approaches for educational research, epistemologies for teaching and learning, language revitalization efforts in education, and/or research collaborations with Native American, First Nations and/or Indigenous communities around the world. This scholar will complement or expand the department's existing strengths in areas such as multicultural education; teacher education; reading/language arts, science, social studies, and math education; education in the arts; and/or languages and literacies. Apply here:
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Madison, WI, USA

The NAISA logo was designed by Jonathan Thunder, a Red Lake Ojibwe painter and digital artist from Minnesota. NAISA members inspired by canoe traditions among their own people sent examples to Thunder, who designed the logo with advice from the NAISA Council. The color scheme was chosen to signify those Indigenous peoples who are more land-based and do not have canoe traditions.