NAISA membership is handled by the University of Minnesota Press, as the publisher of our journal, Native American & Indigenous Studies (NAIS). Click for more information on the journal NAIS.

To SIGN UP for or RENEW your NAISA membership, go to:

NAISA membership runs from January 1st through December 31st of each year and must be renewed at the beginning of each calendar year.


Individuals may sign up for membership at tiered rates; membership includes a subscription to the journal NAIS (which publishes two issues a year), and other privileges (see below).


Institutional memberships are available for libraries, schools, colleges, universities, academic departments, and educational non-profits to subscribe to the NAIS journal. Institutional subscriptions do not include other privileges of membership.


If you are having difficulty signing up for a membership with an out-of-US credit card, the University of Minnesota Press advises: Please be sure that the address and phone number entered in the “Billing Address” matches the address and phone number associated with the credit card. The UMP payment system is very particular about having a precise match between the billing address you provide and the address associated with the credit card. To enter the address you wish to use for your NAISA membership, use the space lower down on the form for “shipping or correspondence address.” For help, contact the Press at or 612-627-1940.


NAISA membership allows you website privileges to:


Currently, these are the only areas that will require you to sign in to the NAISA website. Members can follow the links above to access each login page.

After registering to be a member with NAISA, you will receive an email that includes the following information:

From: “Native American and Indigenous Studies” <>

Title: “Welcome to Native American and Indigenous Studies Association”

  • URL to login
  • Username
  • Password
  • Lost/Reset Password URL
  • User Email


You may use the information provided in the email to log into your NAISA account.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a lag time between signing up for membership and gaining member access to the website. Currently, the website member list is updated each week and more frequently during elections. You will typically need to wait for a day before you receive the email that allows you to create your login. This email will come separately from the email receipt showing your payment to the University of Minnesota Press.