NAISA Financial Assistance for Annual Meeting Fund

Donate to the NAISA Financial Assistance Fund. Each year the NAISA Council awards grants to members who have been accepted into the program for the annual meeting and who apply to the Fund for financial assistance for travel, registration, or other associated costs. Please support your underfunded colleagues, students, and Indigenous community members by helping them attend the annual meeting! Thank you for your support of NAISA and its members!

Post a job ad on the NAISA website

NAISAʻs Individual members can post a job ad to the NAISA website for no charge; just log in, click on “Opportunities” and then click on “Post a job ad.”

Institutional members and Non-members who wish to post a job ad:

(1) Send the details of your job advertisement, including a copy of the job ad, to the NAISA Office at and;

(2) Do not pay until you receive an invoice;

(3) Once you receive an invoice, please follow the invoice instructions to pay the $300 fee for an unlimited amount of days. Once you have paid, your job ad will be posted typically within one business day. Thank you for your support of NAISA and its members!

Donate to support general operations of NAISA

NAISA Council will direct funds to support the organization and its members.

Thank you for your support!

NAISA Executive

Sheryl Lightfoot (Anishinaabe), Acting President

Vicente Diaz (Pohnpeian), President-Elect

Brendan Hokowhitu (Māori, Ngāti Pūkenga), Past-President

Alyssa Mt. Pleasant (Haudenosaunee), Secretary

Kevin Bruyneel, Treasurer

Justin Hill, Administrative Assistant

NAISA Council

Astri Dankertson (Sámi), 3rd-year Council member

Kiara Vigil (Dakota, Apache), 3rd-year Council member

Karyn Recollet (Cree), 2nd-year Council member

Valarie Blue Bird Jernigan (Choctaw), 2nd-year Council member

Nick Estes (Kul Wicasa), 1st-year Council member

Jessica Bissett Perea (Denaʻina), 1st-year Council member