Editorial Policies



Peer Review

With the exception of reviews, all material published in NAIS undergoes double-anonymous peer review (author and peer reader identities are kept anonymous). Our peer review process comprises both an internal review by the editors and an external review by at least two, preferably three to four peer reviewers external to the editorial team. Authors whose manuscripts receive a favorable internal review may be given an opportunity to revise before external review, or their manuscript might be sent directly to external reviewers. The internal developmental review and revision process, which can take two to six months, helps to ensure both quality in NAIS and timeliness in the external review process. Click on the link to access a PDF version of the NAIS Peer Review form.


Ethical Conduct

NAIS is a member of COPE, the Committee on Publication Ethics, and follows COPE guidelines for promoting integrity in scholarly research and its publication. COPE offers leadership and direction for ethical conduct by publishers, editors, authors, and peer reviewers. Click for more information regarding COPE and publication ethics.


Conflict of Interest

NAIS editors take great care to minimize actual and potential conflicts of interest in the editorial process. Discussions and deliberations about submissions from editors, editorial board members, editorial managers, and current or past students of the editors do not include the editor with the conflict until a final decision is made on the manuscript. For instance, a submission by a former graduate student of one of the editors is handled with no input from that editor. Instead, the co-editor will ask a member of the Editorial Board to work with him or her in consideration of the manuscript.


Collaborative Authorship

NAIS welcomes work that is the product of collaborative authorship. The Journal’s standard practice is to list co-authors alphabetically. We will, on request, list authors in the order of their request to conform to disciplinary or other professional conventions. Co-authored manuscripts should include statements of positionality for all authors that describe the character and degree of each co-author’s contribution.


Requirements for Manuscripts

  • Manuscripts not made anonymous or appropriately formatted will be returned.
  • Authors must certify that the manuscript is not being considered by another publisher.
  • NAIS requires that all manuscripts be prepared according to Chicago Manual of Style, either Author-Date or Note-Bibliography style. Please note that both styles require a bibliography, that is, a reference list.


Single Submissions

NAIS accepts only one feature-length or Notes from the Field manuscript at a time from an author (or co-author). If a manuscript is under review, the Editorial Team cannot accept another manuscript (either single-authored or co-authored) until the first manuscript clears the editorial review process. Reviews are exempt from this policy.


Complaints and Queries

Complaints or queries regarding NAIS content or editing should go to journal@naisa.org, one of the editors, or an editorial board member. Subscription inquiries should be sent to journals@umn.edu.